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Which one is the fake?

December 7, 2012 5 comments
“Crab on its back” “Willows at sunset” “Still life: Potatoes in a yellow dish”

Presentation: Curvelets and Approximation Theory

August 5, 2007 1 comment

Find below a set of slides that I used for my talk at the IMA in the Thematic Year on Mathematical Imaging. On them, there is a detailed construction of my generalized curvelets, some results by Donoho and Candès explaining their main properties, and a bunch of applications to Imaging. Click on the slide below to retrieve the pdf file with the presentation.

Poster: Curvelets vs. Wavelets (Mathematical Models of Natural Images)

August 5, 2007 Leave a comment

Together with Professor Bradley J. Lucier, we presented a poster in the Workshop on Natural Images during the thematic year on Mathematical Imaging at the IMA. We experimented with wavelet and curvelet decompositions of 24 high quality photos from a CD that Kodak® distributed in the late 90s. All the experiment details and results can be read in the file Curvelets/talk.pdf.

The computations concerning curvelet coefficients were carried out in Matlab, with the Curvelab 2.0.1 toolbox developed by Candès, Demanet, Donoho and Ying. The computations concerning wavelet coefficients were performed by Professor Lucier’s own codes.


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