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Presentation: Hilbert Transform Pairs of Wavelets

September 19, 2007 Leave a comment

Now in the stage of the Approximation Theory Seminar, I presented a general overview of the work of Selesnick and others towards the design of pairs of wavelet bases with the “Hilbert Transform Pair property”. Click on the image below to retrieve a pdf file with the slides.


Presentation: The Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform

September 6, 2007 Leave a comment

In the first IMI seminar, I presented an introduction to the survey paper “The Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform“, by Selesnick, Baraniuk and Kingsbury. It was meant to be a (very) basic overview of the usual techniques of signal processing with an emphasis on wavelet coding, an exposition on the shortcomings of real-valued wavelets that affect the work we do at the IMI, and the solutions proposed by the three previous authors. In a subsequent talk, I will give a more mathematical (and more detailed) account on filter design for the dual-tree \mathbb{C}WT. Click on the image below to retrieve a pdf version of the presentation.

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