Material: Presentations

Feel free to download any of my presentations. You may find a complete list in my github repository [github/blancosilva/Presentations/]. Or click on each image below to access the corresponding documents.

Searching for the SS Central America Computational Geometry in Python Learning Scipy for Numerical and Scientific Computing
Click [here] for video
Super-resolution image reconstruction by nonlocal means applied to high-angle annular darkfield scanning transmission electron microscopy Equivalence of Smoothness spaces by means of frames of discrete shearlets on the cone and curvelets
For an older (and shorter) presentation click [here]
Mathematical Imaging
Click [here] for a shorter, less technical version
Analysis of point, line and corner singularities with the Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform Edge Detection using the Hidden Markov Tree Model for the Complex Wavelet Transform Hilbert transform Pairs of wavelets
The Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform Curvelets and Approximation Theory Applications of the Curvelet Transform to Imaging
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